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Thread: Training at the walk

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    I can rewrite the same message in a non discriminatory manner if you wish….

    You were lamenting the absence of genteel souls like Zorro et al , and so I spiced up my comments to channel the Zorro persona…...

    The training message is simple enough.. but nobody is listening or likely to engage.. spice or no spice...

    I think you are spot on in one observation……. there really is nothing to say .. why are we/I wasting our time here ?
    The only thing wrong with a horse is that it is usually attached to a human

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    LOL maybe the reason I like amblers is technically they never go out of the walk, well unless you ask for canter.

    having said that Pablo, my cousins horse who taught me the delights of the amble, was an out and out bolter until I convinced him if he didn't slow and or stop, when I "asked" my solution was downright not to his liking. Once we had that established all i had to do was touch his neck and didn't even have to lift the rein for the downward gears to engage.


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