I had a go at prep a few years ago - extremely nervous doesn't even begin to describe how I felt. My daughter came to bolster me and make sure I actually got into the arena.
Now, I have very skinny legs and finding any gaiters to fit was proving to be a huge challenge! i was even told by one assistant in a major retail chain that I would never be able to find anything and even if I did they'd fall down! Finally spoke to Hamish of Hamag and my gaiters are brilliant (and haven't fallen down yet!).
Anyway back to my comp judge kept me circling the arena for 5 mins then summoned me to her car and gave me a serve for not speaking to her. She then told me I should be eliminated for not wearing gaiters. I explained my difficulties and she told me her kegs were thin also but she had gaiters. by this time i was a complete and utter mess. my test only finished because my horse looked after me so well all done on the quarter line circles egg-shaped etc.

Prep for goodness sake - why couldn't she have just written on the test paper at the end' I am obviously a nuffy but she totally destroyed any confidence my daughter had managed to build up.
Very disappointing It took me another year before I had enough courage to venture out again ( with my gaiters!) Last year and it was a completely different experience, quite positive so I am planning another attempt this year!