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Thread: woman killed by her own dog

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    Default woman killed by her own dog

    the problem is the writing was on the wall in america for decades, I well remember the video of a dog pound employee being torn into when she tried to impound one in 1960, the attack was horrific and was one of dozens, authorties were calling for their ban over there. They were the breed of choice of american bogans for decades before they were imported here and sold for mega prices to aussie bogans, none at that time were ankc registered. One was even imported that was dual registered pit and am staff registered, so even in their country of origin they are one in the same or he could not have been.

    I well remember asking when the first imports arrived why is our government allowing them in, aussie bogans had been breeding for savage german shepherds, bull terriers and cattledogs for decades, they were selling here for 5,000 to 6,000 and notice how few aussie bogans have any of the three once popular breeds with them anymore?
    yes they are adorable loveable doofers in most situations, but when they are aroused they go into the mode they were bred for and beautifully built for the job.

    I am over 70 and I have never seen headlines of anyone torn to pieces like has been happening ever since they were allowed into this country. like that poor jogger was, the ambo's could see right through to his exposed lungs, miracle he survived. so sad for that lady, and yes crossed to something as powerful as a ridgeback, so unlucky for that lady. cant blame the breed, yes blame the deed. but if its not built to tear the target to pieces your chances of survival are far greater.
    i would vote to be attacked by a acd anyday. being a herding breed it is your legs will cop it. smaller arteries below the knee.

    behind my street was bogan haven, savage dogs in every home. Yes, wandering the streets as well, but they were german shepherds, dobermans, english staffies, bull terriers and incredably agressive cattle dogs, yet strangely none of my family or friends were torn into like happens now.

    suspect the significant difference too was we knew how to back out of the danger zone when the dog began to threat. Those breeds had a do not enter zone, once you have backed out of it the attack stopped.

    Those pitties do not seem to have that zone once they decide to attack there seems no back off zone/room?
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