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    A man was born who shared his love of horses with me. He was born in the day that horses and carriages were a well known mode of transport, and he also had a team of horses that worked the land around Junee, and Illabo. He was also a Tank Sinker.
    After the war he moved to North western NSW and took up on a block of land, that he bought as he was not a soldier settler. He built everything we had there, He He moved heaven and earth for my mother, who really was never a country person at heart. They moved there with my 2 brothers who were just little boys then. They grew up, and went to boarding school etc.. one of my brothers is now in heaven with the rest of his family- one will be 80 next year. They never took up farming. I was lucky to be welcomed into their family in 1958... and I grew up on the land & farm my father built.
    He has been gone now for 11 years, but I always remember his 93rd birthday, as it was our last time together.
    Today I enjoyed my horse Cashman, just as I was encouraged by my dad, the songs are special to how one feels about life as we get older.
    The photos at the end and at the beginning are from his life. Our life, I hope the world begins to appreciate our farmers sooner rather than later, because without people loving our land, and our animals and all that goes with this different life.. the city would be hungry forever.

    and I my heart is with my horses forever...
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    Beautiful tribute cyrus. Hopefully there will always be people who are willing to give so much to the land and their families as your dad did.
    "One must avoid using force, for I have never seen anything positive come out of a horse if such is the case".

    Antoine De Pluvinel

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    That is truly beautiful and heartfelt. You were so lucky to have the your Dad and his values.
    Horses are my friends for life


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