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    Nailed it, seen it so often as a pony club instructor, top class bought for their child and wouldnt know it was the same horse couple of months down the track, others get a very green and it just keeps getting better and better and every scene in between

    Lucky for us, the majority of horses are happy with their human

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    yep, it all makes sense.

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    The paradox is that every rider who reads this, regardless of their experience or skill level, will identify themselves as the rider who tries to do the right thing by their horse.

    This led me to another rather profound thought...

    Are we the same riders out of the saddle as we are in it? If we describe how we ride, will it be the case when we actually do?

    I can't honestly answer yes to that question. I know the rider I'd like to be. After around 25 years in the saddle, I'm only really now discovering the immense self control it takes to eliminate from your mind everything that has happened through the day to achieve the neutrality that the horse deserves when you begin a session. My current horse - a remedial horse - has taught me that lesson (or at least the awareness of the fact) and after two years of working with him, I feel I've actually become a different person for it.


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