make a movie, of course.
The tales of tragedy and repair around here are just adding on to all the losses our country has had this fire season, if that's not bad enough hail damages a shit load in Canberra.
Lucky that the house I sold to my son on December 20th for half its value... may as well enjoy the inheritance early kiddo, becaue just after that we could have all burnt to the ground.
So many did, some are still without power, and the tales of hardship continue.
None of us are really safe yet, but we have to believe we will be cared for....
I have no idea what happened to the beginning of January, but here we are almost at the end.

All I know is that my back is tired, from carrying around my sense of humour…

Canberra fires had a great impact me, 16 years ago. I did not burn then, and I am ok now. But I am still very aware of how we as people need to take better care of each other and the earth we live on.
This ones LONg, I took a lot of photos as I do …

over 2000 people crowded into the safest area that could be found, and it was actually peaceful.
Minus the usual human greed and the few dirtbags that continue to live around us. We have a horse collector nearby to us, and the things I witnessed were disgraceful.
We also have one in the Cobargo area, her story made news again.... I do hope one day they are treated as badly as the animals they supposedly rescue and care for.
Anyhow- it was a time of challenge and friendship and new community feelings for so many.

stay safe everyone... here's to the firies and all those who come to the rescue... may we never see another firestorm like the one that wiped our coast out.