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Thread: Agistment in Sunbury/Macedon Ranges VIC

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    Default Agistment in Sunbury/Macedon Ranges VIC

    Iím trying to find agistment for one horse on or around Sunbury, Macedon Ranges areas where they will allow agistees from metro Melbourne to visit and ride during lockdown. Any suggestions for full board with decent arena for responsible, low maintenance agistee are very welcome. Thanks

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    Good luck Flybynight. I moved mine during the first wave. It was so hard as most professional agistment properties just said they were in lockdown. Even at my agistment if you dont feed your own horse you are put on a rooster of when you can attend. Much as I hate to say it but have you posted on FB on local community boards? Some areas even have horse agistment fb sites. Or there is the old fashion word of mouth and friends who may know. But you have probably tried that. Again all the best.
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