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Thread: Happy Birthday to all your horses-

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    Default Happy Birthday to all your horses-

    If you know when they were born, they can have 2 Birthdays :P

    Hope everyone is well.

    Anyhow- live goes along quietly, we almost washed away with nearly 300mm of rain, tis very soggy still..

    Dirty ponies, had a bath and they are both entering their 17th Year - I have had Skipper 11 years, and Cashman 4. Spring might present a few challenges, but keep us all free from Covid19 , Fires, Floods and healthy please

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    Precisely Alfie and Badger's argument. They had a fun day yesterday being exercised and playing find the other rider on the trails within my agistment property.
    Horses are my friends for life

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    Thanks from us Cyrus, and Happy Birthday to 'you and yours'.
    Covid shows what a boring life we lead in our corner - must live in a permanent state of lockdown because really nothing much changes. Feed store, vet, shops, farmers market - no particular order.
    We thought the worst would be over by the time the show season came round again, but not looking too hopeful here in Victoria.
    The ponies keep us sane.


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