Hi folks. Just wondering if anyone here would give a vote to this horse ? Here is the story of a little Aussie battler up against the big stables. Bill Ryan is in the Tasmania Racing Hall of Fame. He also has a terminal lung disease and is too old for a lung transplant so has approx 12 months left so it would be nice if he could get his horse into a big race. Bill trains for us and he is a very goood horseman.

Just wondered if those who don't have a horse to vote for in the All Star Mile would consider voting for my friend and trainer Bill Ryans horse STILL A STAR.
She is currently in the top ten however we have an issue where we are in a much smaller population down here in Tasmania so getting votes is a challenge against the horses from the larger stables.
a little history for you . Bill and Mary are what are called battling trainers from Longford, Tasmania. Bill was a jockey before weight got him and he eventually went on to train in Tasmania. Eventually Bill moved to the mainland to take on the role of spelling and pre-training Tommy Smiths horses at Woodburn, Cootamundra. He and Mary spent 7 years there pretraining many horses with the likes of Mahogany and Kingston Rule being among the better ones.
But homesickness for Tassie got the best of them and they returned home to become one of the States leading trainers for many, many years. Bill is in his 70's now and has trained horses to win most of the premier races in Tasmania however now he has STILL A STAR. It's no secret that Bill's health isn't great however I won't go into this other than to say It'd a wonderful thing if she could run in the big race.
The last couple of things I have to say are that going in this race is not about the money for Bill. it is about the challenge of training a horse for the race and getting the best out of her. If it was about the money then Bill wouldn't be a horse trainer LOL. Lets face it - training in Tassie wont make you rich.
The other thing I want to say is that Australian's love a battler - take a look at the other 9 trainers/combinations in the top ten . Hayes, Waller, Richards, Stokes, O'Brien, Williams, Newnham, Jolly and Edmonds. All deserved of course however if you are undecided about who you want to support give Bill, Mary and STILL A STAR a thought.