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Thread: Quality Control on Horse Products?

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    Default Quality Control on Horse Products?

    Well, believe it or not, in the industry I work in, we have a strict product quality control system. Well I'm not sure if the horse industry has it with products that are being sold?

    I am terribly pi--ed off with my Weatherbeeta combo rug that I have had for 4 months. The velcro came off the neck rug and all the stitching is coming undone in the gussets. When I purchased this rug, I was looking at spending that sort of money for a long term rug, not a short term rug.

    As far as I'm concerned, the company don't seem to care about their consumers. They offered to repair the neck rug part but I feel the whole rug should be replaced and they won't do it. If the seems are coming undone, that's not my blooming horses fault.

    What products have you been peeved about? I will never buy or reccommend a Weatherbeeta products again.

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    Default RE: Quality Control on Horse Products?

    Anna, I have heard about problems with Weatherbeeta rugs before but I dont own one so cant comment. I have had enough problems with another brand of doona type imported rug.

    My biggest worry is quality control in horse feeds. I used to use a well known brand of 'newer' type of horse feed only to find earwigs and live blowflies in it. I complained to the company and they where most appologetic. BUT it doesnt exclued the fact that there where live bugs in the feed!!!

    With the amount of processed feeds available how do we know they are what they say they are? How do we know we are not paying top dollar for dust off the mill floor? It is a worry.
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    Default RE: Quality Control on Horse Products?

    Yes Autum, it is a worry. I know we have the Australian Safety Standards with hats etc but I have not come accross a quality control on horse products. Tried and tested to what rating as you do on other goods.

    I know in the industry I work in, they have ratings for products so why can't importers and suppliers do the same. If they truly believe their product is good, then they should stand behind it. When I spoke to Weatherbeeta, they basically gave me the brush off, telling me they couldn't replace the product. After 4 months this rug is falling apart and paying $230.00 for it, I feel I've been totally ripped off.


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