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    Should I? (Guest) Guest

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    Has anyone had any GOOD experiences with leasing a horse? We have a lame horse in the paddock needing 6 months off, and otherwise only young horses or small ponies. I am not ready to buy another one as I'm not yet sure of the current models prognosis. But I only ever seem to read of bad experiences either as the owner or the leaser of the horse. I have an excellent home to offer, great stables, my own land, plenty of feed, experienced, caring home. I have been offered a couple of horses, but don't know whether to take one on. Any advice would be welcome.

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    silly_chick_19 (Guest) Guest

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    Absolutely lease! My current horse is a free lease which I've had for almost 3 years. Her owner is just fantastic, let's me do whatever I want with the horse. My last 2 horses were also free lease, one for 3.5 years and one for only 1 year which I trained for the owners and then they sold him on. Leasing is a really good opportunity for me as there's no way I'd be able to afford to buy my current horse (a Cleveland Bay X - v. expensive). The only downside I've experienced is an owner who didn't contact me for 3.5 years despite me leaving messages on their answering machine every so often to let them know their horse was still alive! Then out of the blue they asked for him back, I was devastated as I'd formed such a bond with this horse. But, I got another one and I love her just as much. If your horse is only going to be out for a short time then it probably won't be so hard for you to give the other horse back at the end of the lease, but you still will probably get quite attached to them!

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    Natalie Martin-Remmert (Guest) Guest

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    I think leasing is a wonderful idea. Last year I was at my wits end because my beloved gelding was having soundness problems and I was not yet ready at that stage to give up on him. I did however, want to keep riding and competing. I posted a message on this forum looking for a competition horse on lease and a wonderful lady contacted me about a little medium/advanced quarter horse cross that she was having trouble fitting into her schedule with daylight savings finishing.

    Well, that little horse just made my day. I was very depressed about my own horse, but with Will's help was able to start competing Medium level again and attend training days etc. Not only was he a gem temperament wise but his training just improved and improved and at my last lessons with him with Di Jenkyn in Canberra we were doing canter pirouettes, 3 time changes and piaffe half steps.

    The horse was actually for sale, but unfortunately he was just a little small for me. Of course, with such a lovely nature etc it wasn't long and he was sold but everything was amicable and worked out really well.

    The owner and I had drawn up a lease agreement and I paid for the insurance on the horse "just in case". To this day, I am still great friends with his owner (hiya Katrina if you are reading this!!) and I can thoroughly recommend leasing. But please make sure you have the relevant paper work done and treat the horse as good as one of your own.

    On a sadder note, my gelding is unable to be ridden again, but 6 months ago I purchased a lovely 17.3hh Mosel Klute gelding who has put the sunshine back in my day. He is absolutely lovely, and I just can't wait to get out of bed in the morning to ride. He is having his first competition start in 2 weeks and I really owe that little lease horse and his owner a big thank you as being able to ride such a great little school master has made my job with this new horse just so much easier.



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    Maybe I should! (Guest) Guest

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    Silly and Natalie, thankyou so much for your positive responses. I can't possibly do without a horse for six months (even then, I suspect that the outcome for my horse won't be good) and now will start thinking about how to tackle the future, hopefully with a leased horse. I always get attatched to whatever horses are on the property, but if I know it isn't forever, I can try to prepare myself for that day!!
    I am grateful for your comments and advice.

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    Craney (Guest) Guest

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    I've only had one experience with leasing a horse, and that's my current nag, Tommy.

    I've only had him a few weeks and had the fortune to lease him from someone I know fairly well - I'd recommend that you try to find someone you know - a friend, a collegue, or a friend of a friend - to lease one off, as it's easier to sort out problems and know the horses' true background if it's coming from someone you trust/respect.

    Cheers and good riding!

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    claire (Guest) Guest

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    I have only ever had positive experiences with leasing. My daughters current pony was originaly a free lease, of course we fell in love and ended up purchasing her for a very reasonable price. I have found that with a leased horse, we were much quicker to call the vet if there was a small problem, with my own I may tend to wait and see what happens, or to sort it out myself. I think because the horse doesn't actually belong to you, you are ever so careful to ensure that it is cared for in the best possible way. Leasing for me , has been a fantastic experience. I am currently in the process of negotiating another lease for my daughter as she has now outgrown her fantastic pony. The horse we are looking at is green, but quiet and very well educated. We are so lucky to have found such great horses and such generous owners. I say - Go for it :-)

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    NZRider (Guest) Guest

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    Definitly consider leasing, When I outgrew my pony I was in a bit of a dilemma of what to do untill someone heard I was looking for a hack, They offered me their horse in a free-lease arrangement and basically said I could have her for as long as I want. The owner comes to shows with us to help me out and recently started showing her other horse with me-I get to compete on this one also. I think if you can strike of a good partnership with the owner, leasing can be alot easier then owning your own horse.


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