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Thread: Capeweed eradication?

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    Got ourselves a big bag of Mudgee Dolomite - 25 kg for $11.00 , so the girls will be getting a 30g scoop of of that with each meal. We'll buy the same stuff in bulk, coarser grade, to treat the paddocks with, along with gypsum and some dynamic lifter.

    I got in touch with Cropcare (manufacturers) and they advised against using Hammer - recommended another one of their products but basically it is now getting too hot during the day to use it - has to be under 22C for 4 days. We should have eradicated the capeweed during june-july if we wanted to use that product.

    We've got another product "Kamba M" which is a selective herbicide that is very effective on capeweed and other species of broadleaf weeds - also gets rid of thistles and bathurst burr. As soon as the weather dries up we'll use that on the horse paddock.

    Meanwhile the sheep are doing an excellent job of chomping it down! Good lambies!
    We have men of iron and steeds of gold.

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    I have found Amicide to be good on capeweed. One 5L container should do close to 10 acres. I just used a back pack.

    I kept the horses off for 3 weeks. And thats when the smell went away too.

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    Amicide, thats what my guy uses. I couldn't remember its name.

    Works really well in my paddocks, if we do it when they are small, actively growing plants (autumn).

    I have noticed the capeweed around here on the side of the road etc is already getting the odd flower or too. I think spraying them now would be a waste of time, as they probably would still seed, then they die off anyway.
    Vigorous mowing is pretty good. If you keep mowing em down it gives the grass a chance to catch up. I have a ride-on so this is the next best option, for the laneway, pens and areas we didn't spray

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