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Thread: Breast Reduction Surgury? n/h

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    Hey RTB, I definately agree with thejoth & renvers.
    When I was 14 I was a 10G bra size (my mum used to say G for Gigantic) and weighed around 65ish kilos. Anyway about 6 months later I droped 15 kilos and was down to an D/E cup. I didn't excercise (I'm allergic) nor go on a diet. I just lost all my baby weight.
    I'm nearly 20 now and I've lost another cup size but without losing any weight. You're body is still growing and changing because of umm 'womanly hormones' and your cup size and weight will fluctuate during puberty. And bear in mind everyone matures at different rates. I was wearing bras in grade six then they disappeared when I finished school while my younger sister (who is 16) still looks like keira knieghtly in bend it like beckham.
    It is best to wait until all the growing has finished before getting a breast reduction. A work colleaque of my mums got a breast reduction when she was 18 and a year or so afterwards her boobs magically re-appeared.
    Without repeating anything else that has been said, there is a lot of good advice given here. And while big boobs can be a pain they can also be a bit of a blessing.

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    The Utkatasana or the Chair Pose is an amazing yoga pose if you want to improve your posture and consequently reduce the sagging. Our stressing lifestyles or slouching on the couch makes achieving a straight back to be hard as we keep the back in a curved posture for a long time. The imaginary chair pose amazingly works the knees, hips and lower back. The shoulders are stretched out and the back stands erect, thus teaching the body to self align with time. This can be coupled with other weight loss exercises and diet that can achieve significant body fat and breast reduction. You then need the best full figure support bra with underwire such as Victoria’s Secret front closure bra, to fully support your shoulders and back while lifting the boobs. Surgery is too much of a risk at that age, again considering the body and breast changes expected to occur as you grow.
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