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Thread: Agistment Penrith/Western Sydney Surrounding Areas??

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    Default Agistment Penrith/Western Sydney Surrounding Areas??

    Hi, I'm very unhappy at the agistment i am currently at, and am looking for other places. I'm looking for somewhere less then 20 minutes away from Penrith, with good fencing and a sand arena. Preferably around the $50 mark for D.I.Y agistment. Thanks

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    Come agist with me!! I'm thinking about taking on an agister. I have no arena though so I am out ha ha. Though the lady up the road used to have horses (now just has mini's now she is older), last time I was speaking to her she said she had arenas and jump equipment, etc. I am planning on asking her next time I see her if I can use her arena so I can let you know if you are still looking for somewhere.

    I was looking for similar agistment awhile ago and couldn't really find what I was looking for (price wasn't an issue - just being sooky because I was sick of agisting but could only have one horse at home at the time)

    Take a drive around Mulgoa area if you can - there were a few places around there and there was a place which was advertising agistment last time I went past. In that zone from Penrith I would look around Castlereagh, Richmond, etc...put notices up around saddleries and feed stores. Or talk to Katrina at Penrith Saddleworld as I've mentioned to someone else looking for agistment in the same area - she knows so many people and is lovely - gave me a whole bunch of people to contact around the area who don't openly agist. Hope I have been on some help!!

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    Smile Quality Agistment

    I am in Londonderry, have been doing agistment for 13 years and can note many favourable references..... offer a variety of arrangements from diy to full board with safe, clean facilities to , I will PM my contact details to you

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    Do you want stables or paddock? There are a few around Bringelly (eg Badgery creek lodge? I think its now called), Horse'n'around used to do DIY and they have an arena, there is the one next to the power station on Mulgoa rd just out of glenmore park. . .

    But I may have suggested where you currently are?

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    I'm currently at Mulgoa valley, which is the one near the power station

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    I'm at Hambledon Road horse park and pay $48 pw for a private paddock with shelter and feed shed, poo spreaded and the rest is DIY.
    There is the website if you want to give them a call.

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    Default Robrick Lodge

    I know this is an old post but for anyone who searches in future, Robrick Lodge is about halfway between Penrith and Richmond at Castlereagh. I agist there and am extremely happy with it. Safe fences, outdoor round pen, covered round pen, sand fenced dressage arena and they are putting lights up. There is anything from paddocks with shelters to full stalls and from self care to full care at reasonable rates. Washrack, tack room, trail riding off the property, etc. I have agisted at a lot of places and the managers here are the best. Highly recommend it.

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    Another note, Saddleworld at Penrith isn't there anymore, Katrina shut up shop a few months ago.

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