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    ***Please excuse the hoof stoming and headshaking. Comes with being a cranky mare who WILL do what she's told, despite not wanting to.***

    Since I HAAAAAAAVE to. (I mean, c'mon, I already wear a helmet! That's bad enough!)

    I'll be ordering one of these body protector thingos since they don't consider the "home grown" variety of padding adequate... That, and, unless I find another Doe, most ponies could not carry both me AND the front end of a 1975 Cadillac.

    Riding in them has GOT to feel like trying to swim in a life jacket, no? (I don't wear life jackets either *blerk* drown me, they do!)

    There's a place in the UK (Powell) who makes them custom in my size (I've had to have almost everything else made custom, why not this, too, hey?)
    Here is the link:

    Have any of you heard of them? And if not, could one of our experienced members please have a peek and see if they look good/safe/appropriate for use here?

    Also, since Cobie's wearing blue now, I can wear PINK! Yay the "giant gumball" look! Besides being easy to pick out of the shrubberies, I figure since I am approaching a certain age, I can wear whatever cheesy colour I want now!

    I will wear BLACK joddies and fitted mock turtleneck for XC, to blend in with my tack and present the least offensive rear view possible. I already have plans for Mom to bring my show shirts over from the States when she comes). Gosh, I just LURVE shopping!

    OH... if any of my close horsey pals need anything brought over from the States, you can ship stuff to my Mom's and then I can have my Mom bring a suitcase of horsey stuff over when she comes in the autumn. (But we all have to share ONE suitcase!)

    Hmm, just dawned on me, this US/Aussie English difference is going to make it easy to differentiate between my Mom (US) and my Mum (Aussie MIL).

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    The only reason I started wearing blue is because the only pink back protectors I could find were kids sizes... but now that I've seen that website....

    They're really not that bad to ride in, I really don't notice mine when I'm riding. The most important thing is to make sure they're the right length at the back, not too long so that they bump the back of your saddle, and not too short either.

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    Powells are good, and they come in colours, but are among the higher end of the market - like about double.....

    Tipperary made by Phoenix in Canada are nice, light and loose, sort of ratchety little sqaures of foam that mould (mauld? mold? mildew? ) to your body. We've had them, old and new, for absolute years, and still find them the very best to have!!! Tipperary come in any colour you like as long as it's black, but they do actually make white ones in Canada. I'm importing about 10 soon ish for my shop in WA.
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